Saturday, June 2, 2018

History Card Games: What do you use in the classroom?

The Histocrats support the idea of incorporating card games into your personal life as well as in the classroom. We enjoy and recommend games to others who enjoy history.  As the school year comes to a close, games can also be a great way to help students connect with learning from earlier in the year. Here are a few cards games that have ties to the Social Studies classroom.  

The study of government often focuses on who has power. The study of politics often focuses on who uses and keeps power. This is the focus of  the game, Coup. Students can make connections between government and politics while playing the game.

Guillotine is a card game that helps provide students a platform for talking about class systems and how those values are reflected in society. Class systems or structures are part of the study of the history of an society. You can help students make the connection between historic and modern systems.

Cold War engages students in the geopolitical struggle that dominated the 20th century. This event can be examined through a national or global perspective.

Archaeology is a card game that focuses on what artifacts reveal about culture and the value of each artifact. It has both geographic connects and economic connections that can be explored in historic or modern circumstances.

What are your favorite types of games? What have you played with students? What would you like to play?