Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Few Geography Games to Enjoy in the Classroom

Looking for an different way to engage your students? Try computer games.

These games are free to play on a computer and offer students a another way to interact with content. The games below are geography themed that let students explore land use, disasters, and life in less developed countries(LDC). In a  two hour block near the end of the school year, my students* tried them out. Here are some of the things they had to say.


"Fun game! I really liked it a lot and have fun playing" - Sasha

Lizard Point Quizzes
Geography and Humanities

Stop Disaster

"The game was very fun and interesting but it also brought along with it many challenges and difficulties. I enjoyed the game even though I did not succeed in my goal of building a natural disaster proof city." -Will

"This game made me sad whenever I made people work through sickness or struggle in debt, but I understand that it is a real life issue." -Sara

 "The game is based on the leadership of a nation during times of crisis and the tactics used by nations to resolve global issues." -Dan

*Student names changed.


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