Monday, April 11, 2016

March 2016 Games of the Week

By Margaret Duncan, Ed.D.

The Histocrats support the idea of incorporating board-games into your personal life as well as in the classroom.  As such, we support and participate in a local board-gaming group.  Any and all board-game enthusiasts are welcome to join the Game Nights that are held every first and third Friday night of the month.  As part of our gaming group initiative, we also recommend history centric games that are fun to play each week to all of our followers.  The selected games receive our “Game of the Week” distinction.  Recommended games are a mix of cooperative, card games, as well Euro style games.

Queen's Architect, Queen Games
You‘re in demand all over the realm! Villages, monasteries and towns need your help to construct important buildings and establishments. Players assume the role of an architect and assemble a competent band of craftsmen. Raise buildings and assist the people with small repairs or farm work. The Queen will reward you with her appreciation and with coins. Gain the privilege of constructing the new royal palace, and you will win the game as the land‘s most successful Architect!

Medicine Whoops, Analog Evolution Games
A game of medical disasters where players each take on the role of doctors at a poorly supplied hospital. The doctors compete with each other to treat patients using whatever tools they happen to have on hand. Sometimes these doctors try to actively hinder each other in the middle of surgery. Sometimes they all just agree to play a golf while the patient expires. Patients will begin to stack up fast...both cured and killed. Add them up at the end to determine who among you is the best doctor under the worst conditions imaginable.

Archaeology, Z-Man Games
Great quick card game where you are an archaeologist who must discover the lost treasures of Egypt in order to make your fortune. You will search for the right pieces to complete torn parchments, broken pots and other priceless artifacts. Explore an ancient pyramid hoping to uncover a huge stash of treasure. Trade shrewdly at the local marketplace to increase the value of your collection.

Ion: A Compound Building Game, Genius Games
Ion is a simple card drafting game where players select from a number of available ion cards and noble gas cards, with the object I've of forming either neutrally charged compounds or sets of stable noble gases!

*All product descriptions are from the manufacturer