Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Creating Simple Board Games

Whether you are working in the classroom, camp, or after-school activity, games can be a great activity to incorporate in the schedule. Games are fun and engaging. They provide great opportunities for fun  and reinforcement. Yet finding  and affording the materials can be a challenge.  Here are a things to  think about as you work to create multiple game boards for small group use.

--Think about the components of a board game: board, directions or question cards, game pieces.  Tackle each part individually.
--Make a storage and organization plan that works for you before you begin.
--Create a simple set of rules to use or let players establish their own rules.
--Be flexible.

            Are you ready to start assembling your games? Take advantage of games with missing pieces. These games can be viewed as resources for games.  Look at other spare items you have around. Simple items like buttons can be reused.

Game Boards
Games Boards are easy to reuse. All you need is a start and a finish.   I have given this board to students to play with using a variety of questions.

Boards from other games have the advantage of being sturdy and easy to store.

Question Cards
Games often come with question cards that may or may not be useful to you.  You can choose to use the cards, edit the cards supplied, or replace them. All of these options work.

--Editing the question cards provided is easy. You simply remove the irrelevant questions.
--Prepackaged sets of vocabulary flash cards can be recycle into game cards. They can easily be divided into sets relating to different topics.
--Student  can create their own questions cards from review materials as well.

Game Pieces
Game pieces can be recycled. Extra houses from monopoly or odd checkers become game pieces for each player in your new game. A simple sharpie will help you make each piece unique. You can also look to other small common items for came pieces. Cap erasers in different colors or binder clips make simple pieces. Extra buttons work as well.

Want  to create your own custom game boards? Check  out our pinterest board for ideas.

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