Friday, December 18, 2015

Gaming in Toronto

By Margaret Duncan, Ed.D

In Toronto, there is a great place where you can mix lattes and playing tabletop games.  While traveling through the city recently, I was able to stop in at the local gaming café, Snakes and Lattes. I have always been a gamer and even helped launch a local game club in our community at a neighborhood hamburger joint.  So, I am happy to find a place devoted to food and gaming.

Snakes and Lattes is a board game cafe and currently has two locations in Toronto.  We visited the main café on Bloor Street.  It is a very inviting place and the staff is quick to answer any questions.  When we sat down, our server gave a rundown of the rules of the café.  For example, everyone pays a cover charge of $5 to stay and play board games for as long as they like.  The café has a huge collection of board games.  Really, just about any game you could think of was on the shelves. We managed to play two different games, a quick couple of rounds of Loonacy before dinner. Then we played Tokkaido while waiting for our food to arrive and as we ate. 

Looking around the café, it was clear that everyone in Snakes and Lattes is all about playing games and socializing with friends.  Although the name implies coffee, it does serve a variety of café food and beverage items.  The place we got to visit is a larger version of what opened in 2010 by owners Aurélia Peynet and Ben Castanie. We had put it on our Toronto to-do list after seeing Steve Tassie’s videos on the DiceTower YouTube channel.  Considering we have seen all of Steve’s videos about games and Snakes and Lattes, we were excited to actually meet him in person and talk about our love of gaming with him. 

So, the next time you are in Toronto, make sure to stop by for a latte and a game. It will make for a gaming good time!


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